EMF Harmonizer for your devices

EMF Harmonizer for your devices

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Newest innovation in 24 carat GOLDThis 25mm in diameter base stores the Super-flat-chip-technology, which reduces the harmful effects of Electro-Smog (EM). Electro-Smog (EM) is the technical term for energetic pollution caused by electro-magnetic fields and frequencies (EMF’s). 

This EMF Harmonizer is designed to counteract the stress and energetic chaos that EMF pollution causes in our body, by reducing and balancing the EMF-stress-levels for people and their 4 legged companions;

It reduces magnetic field irritations and lowers the body’s stress levels;

Therefore this “EMF Harmonizer”  should be on every  wireless and cordless device  in your home and office. To get started  just  put one of each of this EMF Harmonizers  on every cellphone,  I-Phone, I-Pad, Laptop, computer,  and extend  it as soon as possible  to the rest of your electronic items;

Check out how we can help you with our great deals and how you can get one  24 carat Gold super-flat-chip-technology Harmonizer for you and/or your pet for FREE !

Easy to apply:

Adhere the EMF Harmonizer to the front, side or back of your device. 

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